“The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”  -Socrates, 420 BC

About Lisa Brown

I believe in great relationships and happy endings. If you are looking for a positive psychology life coach or relationship coach, you’ve come to the right place. I work with women to create the confidence, strength and power to allow your relationship to soar. Whether this relationship is your romantic partnership or the lifelong affinity with yourself, I am here to work with you to define what you truly want and to live a life that supports your happiness.

Along this journey I have learned that relationships can flourish in ways you’ve never dreamed, working with my unique brand of coaching. I’ve also learned not all of them are meant to last. Perhaps they have run their course, or you have discovered that it just isn’t healthy to remain. I have been there and can meet you wherever you are in your journey.

Life Coach Wellesely MA

Working with me, I give you permission to put your needs first and say you want more without feeling selfish or guilty. I can help you make good decisions to support the life you want.

I am currently divorced. I loved my husband and our world, butwithin our relationship was a negative and unhealthy cycle.. Like many, from the outside we looked like the perfect couple. On the inside I struggled to be my best self; walking on eggshells, withdrawing, and doubting all my choices and instincts. I gave it my all; starting with entering into therapy on my own. As a couple we saw a marriage counselor, went to relationship workshops and took a trip to a very expensive marriage boot camp. Though we conceptually learned how to work on things, we were constantly directed back into playing the blame game. We were stuck in the past, reliving the same patterns.

I am a happy person and was giving my marriage everything. Our lives were completely intertwined. Together we had merged two families, owned a successful real estate development company, and years of ups and downs.

I decided to take responsibility for my own actions and personal happiness, learning about Positive Psychology, and eventually becoming certified in the practice. As well, I continued my journey to help women who have been in my situation, having taken specialty relationship and marriage coursework and have received my certification as a Life Coach through the IPEC school. Focusing on the positive, I found the courage to live the life I wanted, clearly seeing my self worth and self value. Through this amazing education, I grew the confidence to do what was best for me.

I ultimately made the difficult decision to end my marriage. This may not be the case for you. Like I said, I believe in great relationships and happy endings. I work with women who have been able to achieve what they need to bloom in their partnerships. I have also worked with women who have made the decision to leave. Sometimes, the choice is not up to us, and we find ourselves out on our own. I can guide your through this, support you, and allow yourself to become a happy and empowered woman. I have been where are you, and came through it with flying colors.

I have a life that I love. I have two wonderful daughters, 26 and 28, that bring me tremendous amounts of joy. I have built stronger relationships with my dear circle of friends and my family. I am excited to continue to build the positive life I want to live one day at a time. I’m looking forward to falling in love and being in a relationship that thrives.

In my coaching, I am empathetic, intuitive and very direct. I have an unparalleled ability to see how patterns of behavior are keeping you stuck. I will partner with you, provide support and cheer you on. I will push you to broaden your perspective, adopt new habits that support what you want, and step outside your comfort zone. If you want positive change you have to be willing to approach things differently. My role as your coach is to “train” you to do that.

I will help you define what you want, recognize who you are at your best and live a life that supports your happiness.

Happy Endings come in all different packages.

I work with clients across the country and in England, thanks to the magic of Skype and tele-conferencing. I am also available to meet one-on-one in Hyannis, MA.

If you’d like to set up a connection call with me, to see if coaching is the right choice for you, please contact me at 508-641-8545 or  Lisa@LisaBrownLifeCoach.com



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