Coaching vs. Therapy

Coaching vs. Therapy Hyannis MA

Is a Life Coach a fad or frivolous? No, it is invaluable. As a Positive Psychology Life Coach I will help you cultivate your life and relationship, to be what you want them to be. So what’s the difference between Coaching and Therapy?

Positive Psychology based Coaching looks to the life, relationship and future you want to have:

  • “Magic Question”… If overnight a miracle had happened and you woke up tomorrow and all your efforts, hard work, and dreams had come true what would your world and or relationship look like?
  • Learn relationship and life skills that help increase happiness, appreciation, and resiliency
  • Strength and energy focused
  • Clarify your goals, look at what road blocks (internal or external) you’ll face, create a path to eliminate or navigate those blocks so your goal is achievable
  • Coaching is result oriented so we work with packages of sessions to accomplish what you want
  • Sessions are by phone or skype, making it easy to incorporate into busy schedules

Therapy is an important resource for mental health:

  • Support emotional needs
  • Recover from past traumas
  • Diagnosing and working through depression and anxiety
  • Looking at behaviors and areas in your life that aren’t or haven’t served you

Both Coaching and therapy provide for personal growth. I believe in therapy and have found it valuable during certain periods of my own life. There can be great benefit by working with both a therapist and coach simultaneously. If questioning which would serve you best at this point in your life ask yourself this; Am I looking for emotional healing (therapy) or wanting to create a life, relationship and future I’m excited about (coaching)?

Want to explore coaching further or know it’s what you’ve been looking for? It’s time for us to talk.

I serve people in the Wellesley, MA, Needham, MA, Falmouth, MA, and Hyannis, MA areas and beyond.

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