“Almost no one is foolish enough to imagine that he automatically deserves great success in any field of activity; yet almost everyone believes that he automatically deserves success in marriage.”
– Sidney J. Harris


Relationships are the corner stone of our existence. They provide us with companionship, employment, care, fulfillment, joy and love. Although you may not always be able to choose the people in your life, you are capable of deciding who you want to be within those relationships. Relationship coaching includes the following areas:

  • Couples Coaching – learn to keep your relationship at its best while navigating life’s shifts & changes. Repair, improve, refresh.
  • Family Dynamics – sibling, extended family, in laws, interactions and intentions
  • Blended Families – step children, step parenting, ex-spouses, holidays
  • Dating – creating a positive relationship from the start
  • Professional – improved working relationships
  • Self – positive self-talk, healthy life style, self-validating, self-love, authenticity
  • Conflict – successfully negotiate your needs

No one exists singularly. We are all part of relationships be it personal, professional or familial. In all of them we bring expectations, wants and needs, as does the other person. To these relationships we also bring along our baggage, ego, and pride. All of these can create challenges and add strain to the best relationships. By working with a Relationship Coach you can adopt a fresh view, improve your communication, use new personal skills, and by incorporating curiosity breathe new life and joy into any relationship. Most importantly you only need yourself to work on a relationship. It may take two to tango but it only takes one, making smart changes, to shift a relationship for the better.


Couples Coaching is a fresh and exciting approach to improving your relationship. I want to be your couples coach because I believe improving your relationship should be something you look forward to… wouldn’t that alone help improve things?

As a positive psychology life coach, together, we craft your “Best Us”; who are you individually and as a couple at your best. What does it look like to both feel happy, respected, fulfilled and joyous in your relationship? What needs to happen to increase intimacy where you are free to be who you are, and loved for it? Let’s look at what was attractive about the relationship to begin with and start from there. We’ll create a positive strategy to build a relationship you both desire.

Good relationships have structure. We don’t “feel” our way into great relationships; we behave our way into great relationships. We will explore “it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it” and learn respectful approaches to communication, even the tough subjects. We’ll look at how to have an even playing field to negotiate each other’s needs and wants. It’s important to know healthy relationships have conflict. The key is to navigate the conflict in a way that can strengthen the relationship, not weaken it. One of our goals will be to increase the level of positive interaction, thus limiting the time to dwell on dissatisfaction, to have the good outweigh the “bad” with greater consistency. And all along we’ll use an approach that is encouraging, adventurous and even fun!

Inspiration Delivered

During our sessions together, I found Lisa’s approach to be exactly what I needed and she helped me to take the steps necessary towards positive change in my home life.  She thoughtfully checked in to make sure I focused on my stated priorities and easily pivoted as my priorities shifted through self-discovery.  Lisa has a knack for letting you do the work, respectfully offering to share insights or suggestions when I was wanting to hear them, and asked challenging questions to appropriately push me.  Through coaching, I was able to find balance and now my family enjoys time together that we all look forward to and it perfectly aligned with my goals for coaching.  Thank you, Lisa!

Michelle L.

Complimentary Consultation