starting over in your 50s

Starting over as a woman over 50 can be hard. Maybe you’ve gone through a divorce or a major life transition. Perhaps you just decided it was time to start anew with work or life. Whatever your reasons, making the plunge doesn’t need to be scary. You have valuable assets and skills to help get your new chapter in life off to a blazing start.

For those wondering what to try or how to begin, here are some tips from life coaches on how you can come out swinging in this new game called life after 50.

Find Support

No one is an island, and people starting over need to know they have a support system to succeed. Many women believe they are alone when they make the choice to start over, particularly later in life.

However, that is far from the truth. An abundance of resources exist to help you take these new steps, including life or transition coaching, life-planning guides, support groups, and friends.

Know Your Assets

Everyone comes with an arsenal of assets they may not realize they have. Take the time to list them, both as a guide going forward and as a reminder of how much you really have going for you. Be specific and thorough. Categorize them if that helps, grouping social, financial, physical, and mental assets together, for example.

Don’t discount something because you think it sounds silly. Moving on from a rough relationship builds resiliency and stress-coping abilities. Managing a family’s budget and home for several decades builds financial and office management skills.

Be Objective

how to start overTake a step back to examine yourself. Recruit a friend or seek help from a life coach to help you identify where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Marketable skills hide everywhere; you just need to know how to look.

That time living overseas as a military spouse, or running the classroom parents roster, is valuable experience. The fundraisers you organized for local charities or the church events you helped plan, demonstrate skills that could help you find work.

Tackle Liabilities

Once you know what assets you bring and where your skill gaps lie, your next step lies in taking on those liabilities. If you lack certain skills or have a huge gap in your resume, this can seem daunting. But knowing what to do about those liabilities empowers you to remedy them. Taking a class or pursuing a degree can help you overcome a gap in work or build a skill set you need for a job. Seek out a job center or online work portal to find support and aid.

Own Your Fears

You know fear can be healthy and normal, but that doesn’t make it easier to deal with. Starting over as a woman over 50 may terrify you. Own that fear; it’s natural. Don’t suppress it or pretend it doesn’t exist. You need to explore it, understand it, and find a way to express it. Join a support group for women in your situation or enlist the aid of a life coach. Seek professional counseling to explore your fears and learn to deal with them.

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