Working with Lisa Brown has helped me to positively transform several relationships in my life; not least of all the one with myself.
She has helped me work on some particularly stressful family issues that went back several years and were causing major internal struggle. Lisa has the remarkable ability to sift through what I say and help me turn it into what I really mean.
I’m beyond grateful for the lessons I’m learning and look forward to our weekly sessions.

Melissa – CT

When I first met Lisa, I was invigorated by the power of her presence. As she looked in my eyes, it was clear I was being seen deeply by a woman with a rare balance of warmth and power. As our friendship has grown, I have seen her in action countless times, evoking the greatness within others. Lisa is a champion of the human spirit, someone who will encourage you but also challenge you. If you enter a coaching relationship with her, get ready for your life to change.

David Reed, CEO 4-D Catalyst

Surprisingly wonderful things happened to me after coaching sessions with Lisa. The amazing take away from the entire process is that I’m now thinking differently … problems are now challenges that I can overcome. So many of the tools that Lisa taught me, I’m able to apply to personal and business issues. It’s really changed so much for me. If I feel ‘stuck’ again, I would immediately call her because I love the process. She encourages you to find a path that resonates for you and then gives you the tools to make it work. I would highly recommend her services.

ME, Boston, MA

During our sessions together, I found Lisa’s approach to be exactly what I needed and she helped me to take the steps necessary towards positive change. She thoughtfully checked in to make sure I focused on my stated priorities and easily pivoted as my priorities shifted through self-discovery. Lisa has a knack for letting you do the work, respectfully offering to share insights or suggestions when I was wanting to hear them, and asked challenging questions to appropriately push me. Through coaching, I was able to find balance and now my family enjoys time together that we all look forward to and it perfectly aligned with my goals for coaching. Thank you, Lisa!

Michelle L.

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