when its time to leave your marriage

Humanity craves connection and relationships, and marriage is the ultimate connection. When couples have rough patches, they start to question their choices. They start dreaming of being alone or with someone else. The idea of never seeing a spouse again and starting over, brings a sense of relief. Often it’s fleeting, but for many it’s the opposite. These thoughts and emotions pile up, affecting all aspects of their lives.

When this happens, it’s time to consider if walking out the door is the right choice. A life coach can help you discover if you are experiencing some of the warning signs your marriage may be over. Read on to discover ways you can identify when leaving may be your best option.

You Aren’t Friends

Every relationship needs to be built on something, and that doesn’t have to include sex, emotions, work, or children. You need to be able to trust your partner and know they are there for you. Friendship should be the start of the relationship and form the foundation. If you aren’t friends, this will never work and if you find you can’t become friends, it’s time to reexamine the relationship.

You Aren’t Talking

A couple that doesn’t talk isn’t a couple. Marriage is a partnership, wherein everything is shared. You laugh, cry, and listen together. You share moments, discuss plans, and grow closer. The key to any successful partnership lies in communication and it’s not always easy. It takes time and practice, something you may just not want to do anymore. If you two aren’t talking, the relationship may be closer to dissolving than you realize.

You’re Having No Fun

when should you leave your husbandIt goes without saying, but if you aren’t having fun, why are you doing something? True, some tasks are hard to enjoy and that will include some aspects of a relationship. Part of the reason you got married to your spouse stemmed from the joy you once experienced together. However, if those are all mere memories now and the thought of trying to rekindle that sense of joy fills you with dread, it may be time to consider exiting.

You Don’t Respect Each Other

All relationships are defined by respect, either by its presence or lack. Respect forms a foundation built on trust that each has for the other. It wants what is best for the other and is demonstrated in how one speaks and acts the other person. Respect builds up a partner, while the lack of it tears them down. Those little verbal jabs may seem harmless, but they do tear away at a person’s identity. Joking about a spouse’s inadequacies may bring a quick laugh, but it demolishes their self-worth, leads to bitterness, and pushes them toward the exit.

A marriage should feel safe, supportive, and respectful. It should be fun, a partnership with your best friend and a place to explore new chapters of your life together. It’s a place for communication and intimacy built on a foundation of love and respect. If your relationship is lacking these, the time may have come to consider moving on to the next chapter.

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