“Almost no one is foolish enough to imagine that he automatically deserves great success in any field of activity; yet almost everyone believes that he automatically deserves success in marriage.”
– Sidney J. Harris


Couples Coaching Hynannis MAI believe in happy endings, in great relationships and thriving marriages.
I look at struggles in a relationship through a different lens.
I see them as good, YES GOOD:

  • It says happiness in your relationship is important to you
  • It means both have hopes and expectations yet to be explored and discovered
  • It provides your relationship an opportunity to grow and be better

My Couples Coaching is a positive environment where we actively define what your relationship looks like in order to provide love, intimacy and happiness for both. Together we will establish your “Best We” from where our coaching will stem. We will focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. More than talking about it we take action. Like a pebble dropped in water small tweaks make for big changes. We focus on your desired future and what you can do, singularly and together, to create it.

With me improving your relationship will be something you are proud of and look forward to. Because our efforts are focused on the good clients quickly see and feel sustainable improvement. My goal is to help you create new patterns that support the relationship you really want. As your coach I will help you:

  • Put fun & play back into your relationship
  • Listen to each other with curiosity
  • Create balance where needed
  • Learn to negotiate & set healthy boundaries
  • Unpack personal baggage that is undermining your relationship
  • Shift behaviors to help you achieve the feelings you want
  • Establish new positive patterns

Strength focused we look at where you are most successful in your life and how we can apply those attributes into your relationship. Using a fresh approach we will revisit subjects that create stress, gain better understanding, and cultivate safe space for both. Relationship skills will be introduced so you grow and flourish individually and together.

My couple’s packages provide for coaching together as well as one on one to support individual efforts to achieve common goals within the relationship.

If you want to improve your relationship I am in a unique position to help you. I can relate to your problems, I have most likely tried all the things you have already tried, and I know learning to be happy together is a lot less painful, not to mention less expensive, then divorce.

No one exists singularly. Be it personal, professional, social or familial, you will be delighted to reap the benefit of our coaching in all your relationships.

I serve people in the Wellesley, MA, Needham, MA, Falmouth, MA, and Hyannis, MA areas and beyond.



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