life coach cape cod Mass.Most of us are familiar with therapy and have most likely benefited from having a therapist at one time or another. But have you ever stepped back and thought about what you want out of therapy? If you are looking for emotional wellbeing, struggling with depression, and or looking for a health care professional you are in the right place. A therapist is an important resource.

But what if what you want at this stage in your life is motivation and help clarifying goals to move you forward in a positive direction? What if you want to focus on the future and what you want it to hold for yourself? This is where coaching is a great resource.

I have to be honest I fell into coaching through the back door. Years ago I knew I wanted more for myself and out of life but I didn’t know what that looked like. Self-doubt and limiting self-talk undermined my efforts to reach out for what I wanted. My initial thought was to go into therapy. I had been before and found it useful. But this time I realized I was looking for something different. I didn’t want to talk about what wasn’t working in my life I wanted to talk about how to make my life better. I felt there was something more for me in this world and needed help figuring out what that might look like. I needed permission to dream, encouragement that I would succeed, and to look at what road blocks were holding me back. I knew myself well enough to know I would need positive reinforcement along the way. For me it was not only figuring out what I wanted to do and coming up with a plan, it was the support and reassurances along the way that I was on the right track and it was ok for it to feel scary at times. I was honest enough with myself to know I would need help with accountability if I were going to be successful making changes in order to achieve what I really wanted;

  • I wanted to be happier, feel more fulfilled, and discover who I could be at my best, not focus on what was making me unhappy.
  • I wanted to find the courage and accountability to work for myself.

Not surprisingly I had no clue about Life Coaches. I remember, years and years ago, an episode on Gilmore Girls where Paris, Rory’s friend at Yale, had a life coach (he suggested a craft table to help her deal with anxiety). But that was a dim memory and certainly nothing of value to help me as I approached 50 and wanting to create greater value in my life.

I discovered Positive Psychology which is the science of happiness. Instead of focusing on your weaknesses it looks at your strengths. It asks; when were you at your best? your happiest? when were you flourishing? And looks at what was happening then; what made those happy feelings possible, what was driving you, what strengths of yours were leading the way.

So I enrolled in a program with the Wholebeing Institute with Tal Ben-Shahar and got certified in Positive Psychology. It was life changing! I not only discovered the proven tools of positive psychology and applied them to my own life – I discovered Coaching! What I had been looking for was not a therapist, it was a Life Coach!

What I wanted was for someone to ask me “What would it look like if you could make your world be anything you wanted?” What I needed was for someone to say to me “Ok, that’s great! Now, how can we make that your reality?” From this new approach I was able to strengthen my self-esteem, overcome negative self-talk, discover what being an authentic and best version of myself looked like. With that new clarity I was able to create a plan, and best yet, find the courage to go make it happen for myself. That, my friends, is a game changer! And it’s why I ask you if perhaps it’s time to try a new approach and engage a life coach?

As I started to live the positive changes my life was taking I knew I needed to share this with others. Life Coaching was my calling, I could feel it, it came naturally, I could personally attest to its benefits and positive impact.

As a Positive Psychology Life Coach I want to know what you hope for. I want to help you to envision your life at its best. What do you secretly dream of? I want to know! I want to help you clarify your goals, get excited and feel hopeful. I want to help you feel good about yourself and realize you are capable of achieving things you didn’t think you could. I want you to be empowered! I’m excited for you to discover, as you strip away feelings of self-doubt or limiting beliefs that used to hold you back that you are energized and making strides towards the life you want to live.

In life, what you focus on is what you get… as Tony Robbins says “where your focus goes your energy flows”. If you focus on the negative, what’s missing and dysfunctional that’s what you’ll get more of. With a life coach your sessions focus on what you want to accomplish, how to gain more of what makes you happy, and how to improve your quality of life. You are in a place designed to explore your dreams and to become your best version of yourself. Coaching focuses on goals and moves in a forward direction. It is action and result oriented.

So the question is, is it time to try a new approach by engaging a Life Coach? Is it time to make the decision to step outside your comfort zone and create the life you want? I will provide you a safe, supportive space to do just that.

I’m Lisa Brown. I’m a Positive Psychology Life Coach. I want to be your Life Coach because I want you to experience how good it feels to be empowered and thrive!